Fitness Assessment Cell

The FAC stands for the Fitness Assessment Cell, which is used to conduct official Air Force PT testing. The FAC operates in the Fitness and Sports section as part of the FSV within the FSS.

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The FAC military duties consists of training PTL (physical training leaders) and UFPM (unit fitness program managers) on their responsibilities of augmenting the PT test (PTL) and managing the units fitness program (UFPM).

The FAC assigns Myfitness user roles and privileges to authorized personnel and enter member’s scores into the Myfitness within five duty days of taking an official fitness assessment. Upon completion of an official test the FAC files the 4446 in a secure file cabinet as official record for members. Outside of official PT testing the Dobbins’ FAC conduct fitness classes, CPR training, Fitness improvement programs, and a corrective program improvement programs.

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